Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Zuma 125

In August of 2008, we figured we should buy a ZUMA 125, mind you this was at the height of the $4/gal gas, but still, it was a good idea. We figure we can just hop on the scooter, and go adventuring in places we probably couldn't take a truck.

We went to buy the scooter in August, but since it was the 2009 model, wasn't going to be in the dealerships until the end of September. So we waited, and saved our pennies. September and October came and went, and our dealer still didn't have the ZUMA 125. We had put down a $200 deposit to get the first one in, and it was non-refundable. However, that particular YAMAHA dealer was in the middle of a buy-out, and wasn't getting anymore stock until everything was completed!! We decided to call around to other Yamaha dealers, we found one in Georgia that not only had the ZUMA 125 in stock, but it was $900 cheaper!! I called and asked if they could hold it for us until we could get there, the woman asked how we'd be paying, I said, "cash", she said, "what kind of cash?"....... I was like, "ummmmmmmmm, green cash?" she was very excited then, and said they would hold it all day for us. (how many types of cash are there?) He went and picked it up, and we are the proud owners of a yellow ZUMA 125. I swear, it looks like a bumble bee, it's so cute!

When I called the other dealership and told them that we found one from another dealer, and would it be possible to get our deposit back, he was, of course, very rude. He said that that wouldn't be possible, and that they would be getting the scooter in any day now. Which is what they had been saying for two months at that point. He said that we would not be able to get our deposit back, and tried to use that as a way to keep us from buying the other dealers scooter, I said, "while, it is true, we will be losing $200 from you, we will be saving $900 by purchasing from them", he said, "well, you have to think about the gas you'll use to go and get it, since it's in Georgia", I said, "it's an hour away, definitely not $900 worth of gas"......... in the end, we bought the scooter from the dealer in Georgia, and after speaking w/ the manager of the dealership here, we were able to use the deposit as cash to purchase accessories for the ZUMA 125, everyone is happy. :)

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