Sunday, April 26, 2009

Arctic package

So, we figured out that the new rv, (not new, but new to us), already has the arctic package. yay!! So we don't have to be concerned w/ being in the colder parts of the u.s. past October. We also discovered that the previous owners had a new roof put on........... by professionals............ and it comes a 12 yr warranty. again, yay!! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

ummmm, nevermind........

Ok, so scratch everything we've talked about. We have just purchased a different 5th wheel rv!! :) The luxury by design, ended up being just too much of a project for us. Every time we thought we were making some headway, there would be another problem. When we bought that one, we knew there was a leak, and we'd have to replace the roof. Replacing the rubber, ended up being, replacing the rubber, the wood, the insulation, the wiring, the walls, the floors, and the plumbing...... until finally, we were at the point we were......... just a shell.
So, in comes CRAIGS LIST......... my husband saw a 36ft Cardinal listed for way less than it should have been, we called the woman, after checking out the pics........ She actually listed it for Camping World in St. Augustine, and said that they are not advertising this price on Camping Worlds site, on which it was listed for twice as much. (In fact, when we got there, to check it out, spoke w/ a different sales person, and he asked if that was our price range...... we said, "um, no, the price on craigs list is our price range".) They are trying to get rid of most of their used inventory, and are having great difficulties doing so, because no one can get financed. Even their new $129k units are on sale for $89k.
So, we went down, checked it out...... haggled a bit, told them we had cash, and that was as high as we could go....... got them to take another $1300 off the final price after tax, tags, and title.......... and we have a new home, (and only $25 to our names!)! One that is completely ready to go!! We could move into it today. However, we are going to be waiting about 3 months before we take off............ need to have the solar panels installed....... and save up some moolah....... yay yay yay!!! :)

Monday, April 6, 2009


Alright, we bought walls yesterday........... if only we could get the wiring done, so we could actually get them up! :)

Friday, April 3, 2009


He took the awning down today. It's been over the rv since august, to protect it while we replaced the roof. The rv looks so much bigger now w/ out the awning on top!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It's amazing, the varied reactions we get from ppl when they first hear of our plan to "drop out". It's either, "oh, you'll be back here in 6 months tops!", or "wow, that sounds amazing, I wish I could do that!"
I don't understand the negativity behind the "oh, you'll be back here in 6 months tops!" mentality. Why try to discourage someone from having an adventure in their lives, or even making their lives into an adventure? Why is that such a bad thing?
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