Sunday, March 29, 2009


We decided that we are going to make the rv, as self sufficient as possible. This way, we won't HAVE to be plugged in, if we don't want to be. We've purchased 8 solar panels, Sharp nd-167 to be exact, to be mounted on the roof. If you click on the link, you will see that this model has been discontinued, for the newest model to take it's place, because of this they were deeply discounted. (They are still available for purchase here, here, and here, just be sure to request the prices, they should have them much discounted from what is shown there.) When we called to place our order for 6 panels, we were told that since they have been discontinued , they only had 8 left in stock, and that if we would take the additional 2 panels, they would discount our entire order by 30%! We were able to get 8 panels for nearly the price we were planning on paying for 6. (yay) We will have a total of 1336 watts... most ppl in rvs make do w/ around 600watts........ We met a guy that lived in the desert for over a month, in his rv, w/ only 200 watts of solar power. He said he was able to watch tv at night for almost an hour if he was very careful w/ his energy usage during the day. He mentioned the "solar envy" he had when seeing an rv whose roof was covered in solar panels, much like we will have. :) This will allow us to be out in the middle of NOWHERE, and still have all the comfort of being plugged in! yay :)

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