Friday, March 27, 2009

first step

We decided that we wanted to purchase a used 5th wheel rv, so we could gut it, and make it our own. We found a nice 36 ft, w/ 2 pop outs, but needed some repairs..... exactly what we were looking for.
The first thing we did, was replace the roof. What we thought was going to take 2 weeks, took months. Once we got the old rubber roof off, we saw how bad and thin the wood beneath it was, so we decided to replace it. Once we got that old wood up, saw that we needed to replace the old insulation, since it had gotten wet from the leaks. So, we pulled up all the old insulation, and discovered very thin wiring....... of course this meant we needed to re-wire and add some cat-5 through-out. Also had to run wiring for the solar panels we were planning on installing, and what better time to do that, than when the roof was open? Long story short, now 6 months later, the roof is finished, and we are way behind schedule.

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