Wednesday, May 27, 2009

93 chevy silverado

You know, it just seems sometimes, like we just aren't meant to do this. Every time we think we only have a few more things to do........ something comes up. This time it was the truck, luckily it turned out that it was a faulty distributor, which we had replaced in august, so we are only out the tow and diagnostic fee to the first mechanic who came up w/ the diagnosis of the faulty distributor....... and we then had it towed to Goodyear, who replaced it for free........ but man....... is it just me, or is it just impossible to trust mechanics? I don't ever know who to trust....... One mechanic says it's this, then the other mechanic says, no that guy doesn't know what he's talking about, the distributor is fine, you will now owe us for the tow and a new diagnosis since we towed it here and the warrantied part is not the problem....... then he comes back a day later and says, we couldn't figure it out, but to get your business back here, since you had a bad experience w us in the past, we'll just replace it for free, you owe us nothing, and hope that it fixes the problem. I mean, come on, what is that, is this really the case, and he does want our business back, and he is just trying to make it right......... or is he just covering his bases, and did he even really replace the faulty part?!?!! I'm sure there are some great, honest, non-condescending mechanics out there, and I hope I met one this week, but I'm pretty sure there is nothing I hate more than dealing w/ mechanics........ ok, maybe doing the dishes........

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